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Brand and Media Specialists
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Video Production
Director $500 (daily)
Producer $50/hr (@ approx. 20% project duration)
Camera Operator $400 (daily)
Production Assistance N/A depends on project
On-air Talent N/A depends on project
Post Production
Editing $400 (daily)
Audio Engineer N/A depends on project
DVD Development N/A depends on scope of the project
Transcoding Master (approx. $500) depends on project
DVD Menu Design $360
Disc Labelling / Packaging $180
Powerpoint Presentation $40 per slide
Flash Presentation $400 (Basic Flash movie)
  N/A (depends on complexity of flash movie)
Pre-Production Services
Quotation / Estimate FREE
Project Discovery $100
Website Wireframes $360
Illustrated Storyboarding $360 per page
Written Storyboard $180 per page
Copywriting $300 per page
Scriptwriting N/A depends on project
Graphic Design / Branding & Marketing
Promotional Materials N/A depends on project
Event Marketing N/A depends on chosen strategies
Branding Analysis $560
Unique Advertising N/A depends on chosen solution(s)
Talent & Technical Crew
On-air hosts / Actors N/A depends on project
Freelance Designers $400 per day
Freelance Developers $400 per day
Freelance Writers $400 per day
Freelance Editors $400 per day
Freelance Motion Graphics N/A depends on project
Freelance Camera Operator N/A depends on project
Video Production
Graphic Design
Branding & Marketing
Talent & Technical Crew
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